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  1. The scale of the projects may be the main issue. The problem with beliviability of getting more steam out of reactor then heat is inputted regardless of efficiency of induction. A small reactor should be deployed at a house or commercial building . Also using a sterling generator rather then a steam turbine may prove more cost effective til this system scales to repowering a coal steam plant.

    absorption chilling is another application for this tech.

  2. Hello Brian,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your technology. I have a primer mover, rotary vane engine (24 patents filed, 14 issued), which I believe
    could provide the answer for a residential/light industrial Micro-CHP system. It is low temp, low rpm, low pressure. I have several patents on the vane, which can function as an “engine-within-the-engine”, in several unique ways, including induction & thermo-acoustic.
    The engine can be scaled up for use in marine application(s), as well.
    Fibonacci Motors was awarded the “Impact Innovation” Award last year, from CleanTech Open, Rocky Mountain Region.
    We are currently in process of funding via our contacts through CleanTech Open…..

    Regards, Mert Pekrul
    602-432-0030 mertpekrul@gmail.com

  3. Thanks Mert

    Great talking to you the other day! Will get you some specs on generators soon, till then Merry Christmas.
    Best regards

  4. Hello Jon

    On scale we can build an Induction Steam generator to run anywhere from 1 Mw to 1300 Mw’s. The larger the unit the more cost effective it will be.

    As far as beliviability we have something better and that is math and a 70 year history of Induction Field use in the real world smelting and heating of metals.

    We recently purchased a 10.5 retired biofuels plant in Massachusetts and have probably secured a solicitation to build a 5 MW facility in Ramona Ca. so we are hoping to get started this year.

    We are looking at alternative turbines and i just talked to a fellow yesterday about that. I will have a look at the sterling.

    Thanks for the interest and we appreciate any input.


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