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  1. Thank you for your quick and courteous reply.
    I got a “404 Error: Page Not Found” when trying to respond; don’t know why.
    I am very familiar with the induction heating process; my main experience is in electronics and spans >50 years.
    According to the PESN article, you claim 12.5 times more energy out than in. So, where does the extra energy come from?
    I only see lossy steps.
    If I can see a reasonable explanation, I would be willing to assist in your efforts to spread the technologies. I may also be able to point out why your company has been not effective in attracting investments. There is no cost associated with any of this; I’m not interested in any financial investment personally.

  2. Hello Bill

    It all comes down to heat and the ability to transfer it to metal. We are not making more energy we are making heat. What we do with that heat whether i am smelting metal or heating flow tubes is not relevant. The main question is can we make the heat and both the history of Induction use and the math are not debatable. The rest was just hard work and engineering for our specified purpose and that comes from years of actually working in the Power industry. That includes working in Nuclear, Coal, Gas, Oil, Hydro and solar for some of the largest companies in the world as well as DOD.

    Thanks for the questions and feel free to send me any information you would like us to look at.


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